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A pant that lets you glimpse everything worn by Chiara Ferragni. In a snapshot on Instagram, the young influencer shows fans a transparent outfit, a rather particular clothing. “POV: I who watch my back from haters”, she wrote to accompany the image and in reference to the haters of the web. Her husband’s reply was immediate Fedez which ironizes: “POV: I tripping on the stairs”.

Under the costume, but above nothing: Chiara Ferragni as she had never seen herself before, slap in the face of censorship |  Photo

Despite the shower of compliments, there was no lack of criticism. “Too vulgar“,” Horrible “, write some users. In any case, the garment worn by Ferragni belongs to the collection of the emerging designer Ludovic de Saint Serni. Zendaya, Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa And Miley Cyrus.

Chiara Ferragni to the co-management: hit of the Rai, what they entrust to her

Meanwhile, Ferragni collects successes not only on social networks. It is news from a few days ago its presence in Sanremo. The digital entrepreneur will co-host alongside Amadeus. The announcement came directly from the artistic director of the music festival: “Chiara Ferragni will open and close the Festival, on the evenings of Tuesday 7 and Saturday 11 February 2023”, she announced during Tg1 at 20:00 surprising the many viewers who they have been waiting for this confirmation for some time. On the other hand, Ferragni herself refused 4 times before giving up.

Chiara Ferragni in Sanremo?  A bomb on the elections: Rai's suspicion of dirty gambling

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