Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet return to the cinema

    It is possible, if you are of the right age, that you and your partner went to see titanica on your first date in 1997, when you were teenagers and the malls smelled like popcorn from around the corner. You saw her again in 2012 with some 3D glasses that made you look ridiculous, already adults, a stable couple who take cotton candy again. Now, 25 years later, you can take your children to see it. Or maybe not, nor does it need to be, but the romantic epic of Jack and Rose invites these fantasies. Invite, for example, to an international revival in style as they don’t even do the Disney classics for Valentine’s Day anymore.

    Jon Landau, producing partner of the best films of James Cameron, announced this Wednesday that he returns titanica to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the premiere. will be re-released on February 10, 2023 around the world, in time for Valentine’s Day, in a remastered version in 3D 4K HDR and with high frame rate (high frame rate). I don’t know what else James Cameron is going to be able to improve for the next release another 10 years later.

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    25 years ago, before the premiere of titanica it was said that “the most expensive movie of all time” (in light of today, a dismal $57 million) was going to sink at the box office. Investing that millionaire in the most unlucky ocean liner in the world invited a joke, but the opposite happened. The film turned its protagonists into superstars -Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in one of its best films-, formed and undid couples at will in multiplexes, received 11 Oscars as one of the best films in cinema history and, With 2,202 million dollars grossed worldwide, it became the highest grossing film of all time… until it unseated it Avatar in 2009 (and later on Avengers: Endgame staying titanica in third place).

    It does not seem by chance that, following the success of Avatar and using the same 3D technology, James Cameron himself will re-release the film in 2012, 15 years later and one hundred years after the sinking of the Titanic (although some claim that the Titanic never sank). Y It also doesn’t seem by chance that the film is going to return to theaters immediately after the long-awaited premiere of Avatar 2: The Water Sense and with the same technological advances. Does Cameron hope to repeat the same success as 15 years ago?

    In any case, less than a year left to cry, laugh and sing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ again until the ship sinks. Perhaps this time we fully understand the end of titanica or clarify if it is true that Jack (DiCaprio) does not exist and is a fantasy of Rose. Let’s hope that at least Cameron doesn’t decide to play the trick on us by putting on the terrible alternate ending of titanica.

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