Kendall Jenner’s millionaire “medical” room

Kendall Jenner’s anxiety problems have led her to define herself as a hypochondriac. “I’ve had times where I’ve come to feel like I needed to be rushed into hospital because I thought my heart was failing. Moments when I couldn’t breathe. Yes, sometimes I think I’m dying”, said the model in an interview for the magazine ‘Vogue’ last year. That is why she has decided to set up a space in her house with several million-dollar medical equipment, as a preventive method for her health.

The youngest Kardashian sister has always been open about her mental health issues. That is why she decided to create a space in her house for the incorporation of quite expensive medical machines for the care of her health and her body.. “I have a new room at home full of gadgets and gadgets. Giant machines I get into. I like to take care of my body (…) For a couple of years, I have focused a lot on my health. Now it’s like an obsession, I’m a terrible hypochondriac. I think of everything, day after day (…) It’s crazy, but I’m obsessed to such an extent that ironically it could even be unhealthy,” the businesswoman also recently confessed.

The new eccentricity of the 26-year-old model exceeds 100 thousand dollars in machines. In Kendall Jenner’s “medical” room, a Vitaeris 320 hyperbaric chamber stands out, whose price is above 23 thousand dollars. It is a device used to treat pain as it has an analgesic effect, reduces inflammation and relieves neuropathic pain. To the hyperbaric chamber is added the TheraLight 360 of about 78 thousand dollars. This is a photobiomulation therapy that increases circulation and the synthesis of cellular energy, helping to reduce the damaging effects of oxidative stress, related to diseases such as diabetes or cancer.

“I know I have a very privileged life, I have many blessings, but I still have a brain that sometimes is not happy, it does not always connect me, I am still a human being. I think that being overworked and pressured leaves everything out of control” , recognizes the model and businesswoman. Kendall Jenner, who also recently decided to withdraw from social networks for a while to free herself from so much information on the web. She is not the first celebrity to do so. The model is part of the long list of celebrities who have decided to speak openly about the mental illnesses they suffer from and revealed years ago that she suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, and that she often has to deal with panic attacks as well.

It is not the first time that Kendall needs to withdraw from the spotlight and bet on a digital detox. “There are some things that help me be more present, like exercising, taking a walk in nature, spending time with my animals, meditating with bowls, journaling, or organizing. Also going out, trying a new hobby, hugging a loved one, smiling “, are some of the secrets that the celebrity shares, in addition to her millionaire room” doctor “.

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