Katy Perry explains the concept behind ‘Play’: “I wanted to feel like ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids'”

Katy Perry She’s going through a pretty sweet professional stage since… basically since she dyed her brunette again. Since the creation, in 2013, of Sweet California, never had a dye done such a favor for a pop star. He approaches the Belen Aguilera becoming a dangerous redhead, as they would sing the cousins, but really what about Katy Perry It has been on another scale.

It is true that the artist has not yet released a new album that shows that her commercial recovery is a fact, but on a critical and public level, her stay in Las Vegas is being a shock. In fact, little is said about, for example, the discreet result of her duet with Alesso, ‘When I’m Gone’because the focus is already elsewhere: in play, more accurately.

And now the artist has shared a video on her social networks that shows how she and her creative team shaped the entire show. The interpreter of classics like ‘Tommie Sunshine’s Megasix Smash-Up’ that the idea for the original show was something else but it didn’t quite pan out, and that his team came up with the idea for the living doll just a few minutes before arriving home to discuss the creative details.

They thought of the doll and she had thought of ‘Darling, I shrunk the kids’. And joining one idea and another, they ended up assembling… well ‘Toy Story’, basically. The idea of ​​a doll that ends up in the hands of a bad boy, who far from leaving out how would you ask Anne War Y Aitana, ends up throwing her into a garbage can. Y ‘Play’ narrates the story from the arrival, the passage through the garden, the cube and the recovery.

Because yes, a girl who emulates daisy, the daughter of perry -the singer, not the platypus-, saves the doll from its fate and takes it to a toy box, which also has a reflection on the stage of ‘Play’. A simple but very well executed idea that hits the right key for Katy: the camp. The kamp, with k, as she herself says in the video, not the clowning.

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