Johnny Depp’s lawyers will give Amber Heard one last chance

At the beginning of June, Amber Heard was “sentenced” to pay the amount of 10 million dollars to her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, after losing the trial for defamation that he filed against her.

On several occasions, the actress’s lawyers have assured that it is impossible for her to cover the total debt, since her fortune does not amount to that much; However, now the case has taken a big turn and the possibility has been opened that Amber will not have to pay a single dollar.

This Friday the representatives of both Heard and Depp will meet for the last time in court, to determine if the legal dispute between the two is extended; that is, if the protagonist of “Aquaman” appeals the judge’s decision, or if everything ends once and for all and they reach an agreement.

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Previously Benjamin Chew, Johnny’s lawyer, suggested that they could be open to dialogue and accept that the actor waive financial compensation, as long as the ex-Mrs. Depp waived her right to appeal the case.

“As Mr. Depp testified, and as we both made clear in our respective closings, it was never about money for Mr. Depp; It was about restoring his reputation, and he has done it,” he said.

But this is only one of the many endings that this story could have. It could also be the case that Heard does not accept and wants to continue with the trial, which would delay everything and they would start over again. In another scenario, the parties may agree to drop some of the defamation claims, reduce or eliminate damages, or in the latter case, expedite the payment process by having Heard pay Depp 8 million, instead of of the 10 million that he owes him and that at that very moment, Depp transfers to his ex the 2 million that he is obliged to give him.

Until now, everything is a mystery, since the legal teams of the ex-partner have refused to comment on any type of negotiation, but it is known that if they do not reach an agreement, the judge in charge of the trial will pass the case to the court of appeals.

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