“I didn’t know where I was”: Boris Izaguirre noticed his cardiovascular problem during the recording of ‘MasterChef’


The writer and presenter had to undergo surgery last April for a cardiovascular problem that he detected during the filming of MasterChef, the culinary program where he has collaborated since his participation as a contestant.

Boris Izaguirre has returned to the MasterChef stove on more than one occasion. Since he participated in the culinary reality show as a contestant, a facet in which he did a double, there are several occasions in which the writer has returned to the kitchens to encourage the applicants and incidentally fill the set with that personality capable of dazzling whoever be put in front of him.

Noticed symptoms during filming

The Venezuelan is unique when it comes to communicating and his funny anecdotes sometimes hide the most useful morals. However, this last participation in MasterChef did not go as planned.

The day of the recording he was not feeling well, something was happening, but he did not know what it was. She told it in April on the David Broncano program.

changed my mood. I was recording Masterchef, and they’re going to put the microphone on me and immediately I have an attitude.. Completely… It was not me. From ‘don’t touch me’, with a terrifying voice“, said.

Things got even uglier when he lost his place completely. “I walked onto the set and I didn’t know where I was. It’s a terrifying thing. to explain, I warn you. And I went home immediately and told my husband ‘something must be going on’. Also, I’m typing with the left, that I don’t see anything from the left keyboard, something must be going on,” he explained.

After telling her husband Rubén Nogueira about the symptoms she was suffering, she quickly they were transferred to the hospital.

There they discovered that the writer suffered from a serious cardiovascular problem that he was unaware of. “In the right carotid there was an oscillating clot of three centimeters”, he added before emphasizing that cardiovascular check-ups are very important. That clot could have caused serious problems if not caught in time. It was more serious than he thought.

The doctors then underwent a caroroidal endarterectomy, a procedure to solve a disease of the arteries that would allow Izaguirre to continue leading a normal life once recovered from the intervention.

“We are well and relieved”

Although he was still convalescing, shortly after the surgery Izaguirre reassured his Instagram followers that the intervention had been “a success.” “We’re fine and relieved,” she said alongside a photo of herself smiling.

What is a caroroidal endarterectomy

A carotid endarterectomy is a procedure used to treat disease of the carotid arteries, they explain at the Mayo Clinic.

Carotid artery disease occurs when waxy fatty deposits build up in these arteries, the blood vessels located on each side of the neck. This buildup of plaque (atherosclerosis) can cause “reduced blood flow to the brain.” Thus, when this plaque is removed by means of a carotid endarterectomy blood flow in the carotid artery is improved and the risk of having a stroke is reduced.

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