How to raise villagers (Version 1.19)

Breeding villagers in Minecraft used to be a bit easier in previous versions of the game, but nowadays, it only takes a few more steps to have a squad of helpful merchants. Here it is how to breed villagers in Minecraft Version 1.19.

Raising villagers is a strange thing to think about. Villagers are people and using the word breed with them makes them look like animals.

How to raise villagers in Minecraft version 1.19

However, in the case of Minecraft, they are. The more villagers your village has, the more shops will open, which means the more your village, farm, town or even city will prosper.

Before we delve into how to get villagers to do their thing to create a baby, let’s talk about Minecraft version 1.19.

What is version 1.19 of Minecraft

If you’re not keeping up with Minecraft, it’s important to know that the game receives major updates, as well as smaller interstitial updates in between the larger ones.

These updates add new content to the game, fix bugs, and generally make the game a better experience. The latest and biggest update to Minecraft was version 1.19, which was released on June 7 this year.

Version 1.19, also known as ‘The Wild’ update, introduced the Deep Dark and Mangrove Swamp biomes, mobs like Wardens, Frogs, and Allays, as well as new materials like Reinforced Deepslate. He even added ancient cities found in the Deep Dark biome that are worth looking for.

who are the villagers

Villagers are just that: NPC mobs that live in small, quaint towns. They have lives, families, jobs, trades, and a system completely separate from you, the player, though you can interact with them and affect how they function in the game.

How to raise villagers

To breed villagers in Minecraft version 1.19, you must first find a village or build one and have three loaves of bread, 12 carrots, or 12 potatoes.

Villages are never too far away, so with enough exploration, you’ll come across one. You can also build one by building some buildings close to each other.

With the buildings created, make sure there is at least one door on each building for the villagers to enter. Inside your buildings, you must have three beds. One for each of the Villagers you will raise and a third bed for the baby that will be born.

With the beds and building set up, you need to make them willing to breed, which, oddly enough, requires an odd food requirement.

To spawn, Minecraft villagers must have three loaves of bread, 12 carrots, 12 beets, or 12 potatoes in their inventory.

Lure two villagers who meet this food requirement to one of the buildings with three beds and exit the building. In about 20 minutes, you should find that your villagers have created a baby.

In another 20 minutes, that baby will turn into a standard villager.

How to Assign Baby Villagers to a Job

Once a baby villager has become an adult, if there is a job block nearby, it will automatically claim it and become that profession. You can check out our full guide on how to change Villager jobs in Minecraft if you need a full breakdown of all the job blocks and their associated trades and professions.

It’s worth noting that if your Villager baby has green clothes, they are considered a Nitwit and cannot claim any jobs.

That’s it for our guide on how to breed villagers in minecraft version 1.19, including what is minecraft version 1.19 and who are villagers.

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