hits and misses of the looks of the bride and groom and guests

Britney Spears' wedding, on video: from the emotional ceremony to the party with Madonna and company

I thought of Disney when I saw the first image of britney spears wedding. But not in the childhood Disney of memory, no. In that of the papier-mâché castles, the shiny lycra dresses and the impossible props with which some parties of little taste often adorn themselves as if to shout when one arrives and runs into so much boss.

Well, that’s how the bride appeared, in that float that could have been burned like a fault already to culminate so much tacky.


1. Girlfriend. That it was exquisite, well no, a historical miracle was not going to work. But knowing his stylistic trajectory yesterday was calm waters. Come on, it could have been a painting and it wasn’t. His Versace was saved from burning. And that is more than a hit.


two. The boyfriend. That he looked like a cake doll, well, too, but I insist, for everything that could have been almost a sigh of relief in this regard.

The boyfriend

3. Gather in the same party Donatella, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore and Selena Gomez It has its hit for history. That they were all divine, well, let’s not ask for pears from the elm either, mistakes come.


1. The float. I haven’t been able to sleep because the gold hooves of the adorned little horse, poor little animal, have hammered my brain until dawn. I came to dream that the happy little car turned into a XXL pumpkin and burst like an atomic bomb, putting all the lost guests as if in a merciless tomatina.

The float

two. The pink velvet tent under which the ceremony was held, luckily it only lasted 10 minutes, it threatened to turn the guests into super gum at any moment.

The pink velvet tent

3. What would I think drew Barrymore to mourn in that baroque jacket to go to a wedding where everything was so cloyingly pink she looked like a giant cairn in the middle of a glass ballroom. Spooky.

drew Barrymore

4.madonna did he wear sunglasses sewn to his wig? what a need…


5. Among her, the bride, Paris and Donatella They ended the world production of extra blond dye on Friday. You’re on the blonde circuit, you missed the stop. The thing about wearing your hair almost to the height of your ass, these girls already don’t even have the memory, I won’t even tell you.

Blonde extensions, a failed 'must' at Britney's wedding

6. And what about tons of pink roses that filled everything, everything, everything. That I like roses, of course, that yesterday was enough to vomit from indifference, well, too.

I follow? No, I better go back to sleep to kill the virtual hangover…

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