from ‘low cost’ to purchases in premium food stores

A week from being seen in a store low cost and when it was rumored that she is saving every penny now that she owes her ex-husband a whopping $8.4 million in damages, this after losing the trial in which she was accused of defaming her ex-partner, Johnny Depp , it seems that Amber Heard now spares no expense.

Amber Heard may be going through one of the hardest moments of her life and her professional careerfresh off his epic court loss to Johnny Depp, but seems to be keeping things very quiet.

The actress, who was seen last week shopping at TJ Maxx in Bridgehampton, New York, was also spotted picking up some items from Southampton luxury grocery store Citarella.

the star of Aquaman chatted with the fishmonger while picking up salmonbut, otherwise, it was confirmed that he didn’t talk to anyone else when he was away. shopping.

Also, those who saw her there indicated that she was very modest, however, now she is seen in a more casual style, without makeup and informal in the Hamptons.

Amber Heard was seen shopping at low cost stores

the star of ‘Aquaman’ She was seen shopping at the TJ Maxx discount department store in Hampton a few days ago.

Among the rumours, added to the testimony of several people close to the actress, there are those who assure that since the beginning of June that Amber Heard has been bankrupt, due to the high legal fees associated with her representation before the courts of Virginia, in the framework of the explosive trial with Depp, and that, it should be remembered, was before he was ordered to pay millions for defamatory statements against the protagonist of the saga Pirates of the Caribbeanfrom Disney.

It should not be forgotten that when the judge asked her defense if the actress had the means to cover the jury’s ruling, her lawyer Elaine Bredehoft said: “Oh, no, absolutely not.”

Still, Heard was shopping at TJ Maxx in Bridgehampton, New York, where an average home costs around $3.8 million. For this reason, experts in American entertainment ensure that Amber is not exhausting her credit cards in the low-cost chain store.

The pictures were taken by an astute shopper, showing Heard wearing jeans and an oversized white button-down shirt as she browses the clothes.

In the store she was accompanied by her sister, Whitney Henriquez, who was by her side throughout the trial and testified on her behalf. However, it is unclear what Heard bought from TJ Maxx.

Amber Heard says Johnny Depp’s ‘ex’ were afraid to accuse him

In recent days, Amber Heard generated different reactions to her ex-partner, Johnny Depp, after losing the defamation trial against the actor.

Now, the actress hinted that Johnny Depp’s other exes may have been too afraid to publicly accuse him of alleged abuse, insisting that just because she keeps speaking out doesn’t mean she’s “vindictive”.

Before the release of his NBC interview on the show Datelinewith Savannah Guthrie, Heard, in a 20-minute preview, stated one reason why she is the only ex-partner of Depp’s who alleges he hit her.

“Look what happened to me when I showed up. Would you do it?”, said Amber Heard, 36.

At the beginning of teaserGuthrie noted that Depp testified that he never hit Heard during their relationship and that “no women have previously come forward and said he physically hit them.”

In another part of the video, the actress from Aquaman explained her motivation for speaking publicly, even after a jury ruled earlier this month that she had defamed her ex-husband with her abuse allegations.

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