Fortnite x Star Wars: Another famous and beloved Jedi is about to arrive in Battle Royale

Epic Games had assured the Fortnite community that this season would not bear the stamp of Star Wars, but the more the patches progress, the more questions arise in relation to what they commented on. While the latest weekly update permanently implements the character of Darth Vader as a hostile NPC and wielding a lightsaber capable of being thrown like a boomerang, dataminers have put their finger on some very interesting tidbits related to an NPC named Luke Skywalker.

Luke, I am your father and a Fortnite skin

According to him leaker French Zatheo, who is at the origin of the discovery, it seems that Epic Games has recently added in the game files a model of a green lightsaber, which is directly related to someone named “Luke”. Apparently, the American developer would be preparing, as with his father Darth Vader, a skin and an in-game NPC of one of pop culture’s most remembered and beloved heroes.

If Epic Games decides intertwine the lore of Fortnite and Star Warsthe season finale could be epic, including a Duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, like the one we found in the original saga. In addition, everything indicates that it will be a show just like in the movies, since we know very well the enormous work that Epic Games does when it comes to doing massive events within Fortnite and this is not going to be the exception.

With the imminent arrival of Luke Skywalker, shortly after the advent of Vader, Epic Games is putting all the meat on the grill of the franchise bought by Disney. And that’s good for fans, since the first collaboration with the intergalactic license was almost half-hearted, revolving around more recent characters in the franchise, such as Kylo Ren, Rey or even Finn.

An event is coming up in Fornite: El Nindo 2022. Along with Naruto Shippuden, players will be able to complete challenges to get many rewards. In this guide we tell you how to participate and all the gifts available in the game.

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