Fortnite: the best creative mode maps in June

Fortnite is much more than a simple battle royale, and with these codes for the creative mode of Fortnite, the fun and surprises never end. His current Chapter 3 Season 3, Good Vibes, is very “partyy”, but sometimes it’s cool to try out the Creative Mode maps for a change of scenery.

These maps offer platform challenges or “deathmatch” arenas in which it is also easier to get experience to level up quickly and thus win the battle pass skins, like Darth Vader.


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Fortnite: the best creative mode maps in June

Also, creative mode is another popular source for get xpas some deathmatch type maps allow get a lot of experience quickly.

Of course, to avoid farming, you will receive less and less XP if you keep playing the same creative map many times (which also favors trying different modes). Enjoy the best creative maps of June in Fortnite!

Ultimate Dodgeball

Code: 0787-0633-9626

Play dodgeball in Fortnite? It’s possible! In this map, set in a gym, there are no firearms, and the two teams must throw balls at each other, in an increasingly smaller arena.

Race for Colors


Code: 0321-8998-8494

Like the game of chairs, but with cars: when they say a color, you must drive fast to the square of that color… or you will be eliminated. In addition, there are also other activities on this map, such as fishing, which allow you to gain experience very quickly (although when you have been gaining XP in creative mode for a while, you will gain less).

300 Level Lava Parkour

Code 4849 – 8071-1187

Many Fortnite Creative Mode maps are Parkour challenges, like this race where you jump from platform to platform in a river of lava.

Japanese Mansion – Elimination Confirmed


Code: 0497-7630-8618

In this Deathmatch map created by marseck, two teams compete to confirm 100 kills (ie kill the opponent and collect the coin they drop to confirm the kill). A great opportunity to mow down your rivals if you find the battle royale mode too slow, set in a cheerful Japanese mansion.

Tree House Gun Game!

Code: 8486 – 1339 -1717

If you are looking for another map for deathmatch mode, this is a free-for-all in a beautiful setting: a small town built with wooden houses in the forest. Simply exploring it is a delight for the amount of detail it has and its fine lighting at sunset.

Blimp Battles by Beyond

Code: 8389-2639-1868

A team mode in which to assault the rival’s ship (suspended in the air) and destroy the three reactors. The hook gun is used to jump from one ship to another, which are very small and where being the fastest with the trigger is essential for victory.

Parkour City Tag

Code: 3957-2847-4747

Parkour levels are among the most common among Fortnite creatives, and this map that emulates various blocks of a city like New York will allow you to hone your jumping and sliding skills while finding coins that grant some XP.

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