Fortnite – Peace Graffiti: how to make them in OI Outposts?

As you may have understood, the warlike theme no longer has a place in this new season of Fortnite. Not in vain is it called “Buena Onda”, making the celebration and the party are promoted throughout the island. This challenge will ask you to erase the island’s violent past.

And that goes for a little facelift to the OI outposts! The buildings are still there during this season, but they have been turned into brightly colored dance floors. It’s up to you to put a little good vibes on it with some pretty cool graffiti.

Where can I find outposts?

fortnite : battle royale

There are four outposts still standing on the map.

How to draw a Peace Graffiti?

This challenge asks you to use a peaceful spray on an old outpost. All you have to do is open your emote carousel at the bottom of the stairs in these locations. The necessary emoticon will be offered to you automatically.

All you have to do is spray this sticker three times on the metal frame to complete the challenge. Note that you can put the drawing on the same outpost three times; no need to visit three different.

For convenience, we recommend that you always try to go to the landing spot furthest from the path of the Battle Bus. This way you will be less likely to run into rival players, which could cause you to not complete your challenge.

In Fortnite challenges, the term “melee weapon” comes up frequently, but few players know what it means. However, it is a very basic item, which is hard to miss.

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