Fortnite: how to find and beat Darth Vader to get his Star Wars lightsaber

Rarely has an NPC provoked so many reactions from Fortnite fans. Darth Vader came to the game as a hostile character, with whom you can fight and, if the force is with you, kill, to get your hands on his red lightsaber.

However, we warn you; Chasing down one of the greatest villains in pop culture history is no easy feat. Mastering the dark side of the force, Darth Vader is formidable and can take you down in seconds if you don’t have enough precision and skill.

Find this ship in the skies to find out where Lord Vader lands!  -Fortnite: Battle royale
Find this ship in the skies to find out where Lord Vader lands!

Where is Darth Vader?

Darth Vader’s location will change from game to game. When you’re on the battle bus, Watch the passing spaceship and see where it lands. ¡This is where Lord Vader and his squad will be!

fortnite : battle royale

If you ever inadvertently miss Vader’s shuttle flight, don’t panic. Once Darth Vader’s ship has landed, their camp is crowned by a halo of blue. Watch it from the sky to locate Darth Vader.

How to defeat Darth Vader?

In the past, Epic Games released various NPC “bosses” to defeat to obtain a mythical weapon. Some were real easy stooges and some weren’t. Darth Vader clearly needs to be placed in the category of bosses that have a hard crust. Here are some tips to beat Darth Vader:

  • Darth Vader is a very tough boss. Make sure you have plenty of ammo on hand before you go into combat.
  • Stay a medium distance from him. If you get too close, he could pull you towards him with the Force, then cut you in two with his sword.
  • Darth Vader can stop bullets. He waits for the right windows of fire, like when he throws his lightsaber or when he moves objects.


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