Fortnite: How to Claim Island Hopper Rewards

In this note we bring you the goals you must reach to claim the Island Hopper rewards in Fortnite while having fun in the minigames.

Fortnite players have a chance to get rewards in the Island Jumper section. Complete the quests to earn XP and complete the Summer Island Hopper goals. You will get a summer reward when you complete a goal! Missions and goals will be available until July 6.

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Below are the rewards you’ll unlock when you reach each Summer Island Hopper milestone:

  • complete six Island Hopper quests to get the Macaw dark wings retro backpack.
  • complete six Island Hopper quests as well to get the peak peak of the tropics.
  • complete three Island Hopper quests to get the tropical infrared paper and the desolating spray
  • complete a Island Hopper quest to get the raven spray and the gg emoticon!

They can keep track of all the quests on the page Missions from the section islandhopper. Here below we leave you the missions of each island that will be available until July 6 to achieve the goals. Press the name of the islands with a link and it will take you directly to the code of the island in question.

Island Hopper Missions

Survival in the sky. Survive 100 days and defeat the boss so you can brag all you want.

Island A Fortnite Activator by Horamubi Island Jumper
Via EpicGames

Run, slide and jump your way through different worlds in Parkour Universe.

  Fortnite Parkour Universe Island by WertAndrew.  islandhopper
Via EpicGames

Battle in moving airships against players and guards! Airship War can be played in 12v12 matches or solo!

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  Fortnite Airship War Island by The Bonnie Kiwi Island Hopper
Via EpicGames

Drive to survive! Identify and reach the target color box before the timer hits zero! They will be eliminated if they do not arrive on time. The levels will get harder until you reach the ultimate challenge.

Fortnite Colored Onslaught Island by Mr Monkey Island Hopper
Via EpicGames

A game of mystery and detection. Players will have the role of hunter, sheriff or innocent. The innocents must survive long enough for the sheriff to find out who the hunter is and take him out before he wipes them all out!

Fortnite Ultimate Murder Mystery Island by BrendanD
Via EpicGames

Hunt or be the prey! Set in a chaotic shopping mall, hunters will have to find players disguised as items by using various items in the armory or hide from hunters as an item.

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