Fortnite – Confetti Cannons: where to find them this season?

This season of Fortnite is all about partying and chilling, and the Rampage Cavern area is the epicenter. One of the first season quests for this episode of the game will ask you to activate five confetti cannons at this location. It makes a lot of sense after all, as this place is closer to being an amusement park than a conventional city.

Contrary to what you might think at first glance, confetti cannons are very small cylinder-shaped objects. They are relatively difficult to find, but with this guide we give you the keys to complete the mission.

Where can I find confetti cannons?

fortnite : battle royale

Confetti cannons are in great numbers in the underground heart of the Cavern of Descontrol. It is not necessary to go to the metallic structure that supports the roller coaster, nor to the sheds that surround it. We recommend you go to the basement, which is currently full of water.

If you have this quest active, the confetti cannons will glow with a bright silver light and you will be able to see them from afar. Not much loss if you know where to look.

fortnite : battle royale

Also note that if the mission is active, the confetti cannon locations will appear on your minimap, with the following icon.

fortnite : battle royale

This quest is not as easy as it seems since the confetti cannons are small, but also because other rival players can bother you during the quest. If you don’t like fighting while completing your challenges, we recommend landing further away and only venturing into the Cavern of Rampage later in the game, once the bloody early skirmishes are over.

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