Extraordinary sequel release date and trailer – Spoiler Time

Five years after the premiere of Extraordinarythe moving film starring Jacob Tremblay Y Julia Robertsthe story continues with a new sequel focused on the character of julian albanswho was he bullies of Auggie Pullmantitled White Wings: A Story of Extraordinary.

Now that his life has changed since his school expulsion, Julian He continues to suffer from the consequences of his actions. To transform her life, her grandmother will reveal her moving story of survival in which she was protected by a boy and his mother who saved her life. Despite the pain, these young people found their first love and witnessed the kindness that saved their lives.

Bryce Gheiser he reprises his same character as in Wondersharing screen credit with Helen Mirren, Gillian Anderson, olivia ross (The Old Guard) Y Ariella Glaser (Radioactive).

The film is based on the sequel book by R.J. Palacesame author of Wonderwhich was published in 2019which also follows the movement “Choose to be Kind” that prompted his novel 2012 that inspired the first film of this saga. Marc Forster (world war z) is the director of White Bird: A Wonder Storyoriginal name of the film, with script adapted from Mark Bomback (The Art of Racing in the Rain).

White Wings: A Story of Extraordinary will be distributed by Heart Films and is scheduled to premiere on October 13 of this year.

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