Even Arnold Schwarzenegger confuses his son-in-law Chris Pratt with Chris Evans

For a few years, there has been a religion in Hollywood that prevails over any other. We could call it ‘Christianity’: that passion and unbridled devotion towards everything called Chris. And if you have light eyes and are into superhero movies, even better.

There are four demigods worshiped by the industry: the ‘ex-Cap’ Chris Evans; Chris Pine, the DC outsider; Asgardian Chris Hemsworth, and Galactic Guardian Chris Pratt. Not only are fans unable to tell them apart (Pine had to get on the SNL stage to explain by singing that he’s not one of his other namesakes), but even personality tests get confused. Poor Pratt got Chris Evans in one of the tests he did to find out what Chris was in Oh My Disney.

Well, Pratt has now suffered a new setback related precisely to Evans. And it is that Oh My Disney is not the only one who confuses him with his partner in avenging adventures. turns out his own father-in-law, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has called him Chris Evans in an Instagram Live they have shared.

the actor of Guardians of the Galaxy decided to celebrate the end of the year by organizing a video call loaded with stars to raise funds for Great Good. He was joined by peers like Robert Downey Jr., Trisha Yearwood, Jamie Foxx or Bryce Dallas Howard. Also his father-in-law, who greeted him sarcastically: Hi Chris Evans.

“Oh no Chris Evans. Sorry,” He added after the joke: “I’m going to screw this up from the beginning, Chris Pratt. I didn’t look at the file, sorry. I should know your name, I should know your name. That’s clear. You are my favorite son-in-law.” To which Pratt replied with a laugh: “I’m your only son-in-law. I better be the favorite.” Next, you can see this moment (minute 70):

Beyond this humorous presentation, during the conversation with Pratt, the former governor of California did not hesitate to extol the virtues of the actor, married to his daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger: “I think the best of you. Not only because you are my son-in-law, but also because you are very generous and you not only think of yourself and your career, you think of other people.”

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