Edomex detects coxsakie virus in a child inside the IMSS nursery

In case of a minor with the coxsackie virusbelonging to the family Picornaviridae, of the genus Enterovirus that owes its name to the city of Coxsackie, in the state of New York, where it was isolated for the first time, was reported in the State of Mexico.

The coxsackie is a hand-foot-and-mouth disease which in this case was detected the last May 9 in a children’s room of the IMSS Ponientewhich detailed the case, was detected in a indirect provision childcare and the reference Family Medicine Unit was notified.

Recently, the IMSS confirmed three cases of this disease in the nursery “Bombinos Palmares”in Queretaro.

The symptoms of the coxsackie virus can be varied, approximately half of the children with an infection of this nature they have no symptoms and others have suddenly high fever, headache Y muscle pains. Some also present throat pain, stomach upset either nausea.

In the case of the State of Mexico, the minor is healthy and infections were ruled out with respect to other minors with whom he could have been in contact within the children’s stay.

This according to information provided by Víctor Durán Mendieta, deputy director of Epidemiology of Institute of Health of the State of Mexico (ISEM), who added that the virus is common among children and more at this time of year.

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Presents itself mild symptomatology and some associated annoyances are resolved over the days; and it causes mouth wounds and rash on hands and feet That spread by direct contact with mucosa or saliva. The case is under control in Edomex.

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