Copyright not respected ?. Dua Lipa denounced by a paparazzo.

Dua Lipa

The singer is accused of sharing some copyrighted images: now the photographer Robert Barbera is asking for damages.

Dua Lipa was sued for posting some photos of herself, taken by a paparazzo.

The singer will now have to answer for the accusation of copyright infringement for having arbitrarily shared the shots, taken in July 2018 by New York photographer Robert Barbera, on social networks.

“Without permission or authorization, the defendant voluntarily selected, copied, stored and displayed each of the copyrighted photographs,” the complaint, filed with the California District Court, shows.

As reported by Billboard, Barbera claims that Dua has benefited greatly from sharing the photos in question, damaging his business.

The images – now deleted – show Dua wearing a black sweatshirt with ‘HEROES’ written on it. After seeing the shots on the pop star’s profiles in June 2019, Barbera had tried to resolve the dispute outside the courtrooms, but “communications, already difficult, at some point were interrupted”.

The paparazzo – who in the past has also sued Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber for similar issues – is now asking for substantial damages, in addition to the payment of the profits gone up in smoke and an order to prohibit Lipa from sharing more of her photos in the future. .

The “Levitating” star was already sued last year by Integral Images for the same reason.


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