Chris Pratt promises to modernize Mario’s voice in his movie like never before

In an interview for Variety, Chris Pratt has spoken for the first time about the Super Mario movie and what it’s like to put on in the skin of the most famous plumber in the world. “It is an animated film with voices above. It is not a live action. I’m not going around in a plumber’s suit running around“jokes the actor. “I put voice to the character and I have modernized it and updated to be unlike anything you’ve heard before in the Mario universe“.

These statements will set off alarm bells among fans of the legendary Charles Martinet, who has been playing Mario since Super Mario 64 and even has a Guinness record for making the character. However, Pratt is shown delighted with the changes posed: “I’ve worked closely with directors to figure out how to fit the pieces together and make something that we’re proud. I can’t wait for people to see and hear it“.

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The Super Mario movie is almost finished: casting and release date

Chris Meledandri, founder and CEO of Illumination, the production company in charge of the film, has also come out in defense of Pratt. “When people hear your performance, skepticism will evaporate. Maybe not entirely because people love to comment on dubs, but it shouldMeledandri declared.Chris has been chosen because we believed he could give us a great performance as Mario. Now that we have about 15 recording sessions and 75% of the film is doneI can say that I adore his interpretation of Mario“.

The tape is therefore very advanced, but it is still normal considering that it was scheduled for this Christmas. Nintendo and Illumination ended up seeing each other a bit tight on time and delayed it until April 7, 2023. It will be then when the Super Mario movie hits theaters and Chris Pratt is escorted by a cast of actors as famous or more than him, as are the cases of Anya Taylor-Joy as Peach or the always funny Jack Black as Bowser. Have they also dared to reinvent their characters?

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