Chris Brown, ex-partner of Rihanna, receives a new rape complaint

As the culture of cancellation is not that it works as some are willing to proclaim, Chris Brown will release his new album this 2022, Breezy. Something that, if that culture of cancellation really had some weight in the industry, would not take place. After the bruised face of Rihanna, her ex-partner, that she should already have enough weight for other artists not to collaborate with the rapper, Brown has faced only three rape complaints since 2019 so far. The last one this weekend.

Following the Barbadian singer, who rebuilt her life with A$AP Rocky and is now pregnant and trying to glamorize her pregnant womb, the 32-year-old musician was arrested three years ago in Paris on charges of sexual assault. In June 2021, and after a cleaning lady sued him because the singer’s dog bit his sister, he was investigated after the testimony in California of sexual assault by another woman. And this past year end a young aspiring dancer who was studying medicine claimed that the R&B singer and hiphop had raped her after drugging her on a yacht.

Rihanna, at an event.

The lawyers of that young woman, Ariel Mitchell and George Vrabeck, publicly requested that anyone “with information” contact them in case the complaint should be of a higher caliber, since only for her a civil lawsuit was filed for $20 million.

Now, a new woman has gone to the Miami Beach Police to denounce that this same method, first the drugs and then the sexual assault, happened to herself in a hotel. Casually, just one day after the rape Brown allegedly committed on the boatalso in the South Florida city.

This second young woman affirms that she was “drugged and assaulted” at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, as she explained to the local channel NBC6 his new lawyer, Mitchell herself, who admitted she was thanks to the courage of the previous young woman that this new complainant decided to step forward and contact them to file the lawsuit, which will happen soon.

She explains that she was also on the yacht the day before and that she did not know anything about what happened to the other young woman, so she stayed with Brown the next day at the hotel, where “she was assaulted.” “Our client, and I’ll use her words, she just wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to another woman again,” The lawyer has assured the chain, who has not wanted to give more details, as if it happened with the medical student.

In his version, he detailed how he began to feel bad after Chris Brown gave him his second drink and how he went to accompany her to a cabin, where he closed the door behind him. and raped her until he ejaculated inside, immediately saying “I’m done” and walking away. The artist then used the stories of his Instagram to launch a terse message: “I hope you all see this pattern: there are those who try to get real nonsense”. Those, for now, are the only words from him on the matter.

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