Camila Cabello shows off strong abs and firm buttocks in a bikini

Photo credit: BACKGRID

Photo credit: BACKGRID

Camila Hair, You’re radiant! The artist surprised us a few days ago posing in a tiny turquoise bikini on the beach in Miami while flaunting some abs and firm buttocks

Our Cinderella modern is world-renowned for her distinctive voice and catchy melodies. “Habana na na na”, is there someone who doesn’t know how to continue the song? Her recent album, ‘La Familila has provided its followers with a reckoning of spring melodies and perfect improvisations for the summer.

“You’re beautiful”, wrote a fan in the publication that the artist shared these days on the beach followed by many🔥 in praise of her awesome silhouette. One fan even gave her the title “President of Miami. 🙌.” And we couldn’t agree more!

(In case you also want to wear a bikini as spectacular as hers)

Photo credit: Steve Jennings - Getty Images

Photo credit: Steve Jennings – Getty Images

After a few days in Miami, Camila wowed fans by hanging out in Los Angeles with Austin Kevitch, the 30-year-old CEO at a dating app called Lox Club. However, neither Camila nor Austin have commented when asked about the status of their affectionate friendship. Remember that Camila and her ex Shawn Mendes separated in November 2021.

With a new romance in sight or a simple friendship, the singer has fully immersed herself in endless routines to stay stronger. To do this, the singer of “Never Be The Same” has turned to the personal trainer Jenna Willisa celebrity trainer, who has been helping him strengthen his muscles through games and series.

In addition, for the publications that they have shared of their training sessionsIt looks like the two of them are having a lot of fun. The singer of “Señorita” shared with her followers a publication where she looked completely exhausted after training, while she asked them how their day was going with a zoom gradual on his apparently pained face.

As expected, the star brings the same motivation and energy who has on the screen and on stage his workouts in the gym. Jenna described Camila as “extremely dedicated and committed” to her routines.

the routine of training typical that Camila usually performs consists of circuits, which include squats and glute bridges mainly. With this, it manages to activate the muscles (sore or not) in the morning.

Remember that if you want the same glute results, routines and discipline are the key. And, above all, the equipment. To do this, you can practice the aforementioned squats or gluteal bridges incorporating these elastic bands with different resistances that are the most.

Likewise, dumbbells also manage to increase the singer’s resistance and, of course, strength.

It’s no wonder that, with that commitment and dedication, Camila is such a stellar artist. With workouts like these, a trainer like Jenna, and a quality sense of humor, Camila just looks radiant.

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