Brendan Fraser in the role of Buzz? This would be Lightyear if he had come out in the 90s

Although Lightyear has just hit theaters and is set in a futuristic universe, Disney announced that this is actually the movie Andy saw from Toy Story in 1995, and that made him want to buy a Buzz Lightyear toy. Taking this premise into account, several fans of the franchise have tried to imagine what Lightyear would be like if it were really a 90s movie.

This is what Brendan Fraser would look like as Lightyear

the digital artist Harry Partridge has recreated Buzz in flesh and blood, as if he were the protagonist of a live-action movie from the 90s. How could it be otherwise, Partridge has based himself on one of the most famous stars of the decade to carry out this experiment. This is what Brendan Fraser would have looked like if he had starred in that film.

Partridge has evidently drawn on another famous action franchise from that era to shape his fanart, George Clooney’s Batman saga. Buzz’s suit has nipples and abs etched on it, just like the Dark Knight’s uniform when he was embodied by Clooney. The star-studded background could also be a reference to the Men In Black movies.

Although Lightyear leaves the way open for a sequel, Taking into account its low collection and all the controversy it has generated for showing a gay couple on screen, we do not know if Disney will dare to launch a second part or to produce other Toy Story spin-offs.

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