Blame it on Yoko Ono (and other scoundrels)

We start with a comic: my wayof Miguel Angel Martin. (Yellow Kid Award). DeSalvo is released from prison after serving 15 years for a crime he did not commit. Bitter and violent, he renounces his friends to plunge into a spiral of violence and brutality against everything. Autobiography? It is a story, with cynicism and dark humor, about the victims of brutal peer pressure in contemporary society.

And he recommends a book: Literary Outlaw: The Life and Times of William S. Burroughsof ted morgan. you all know that Burroughs he was a drunk, a junkie and that he killed his wife, but maybe you don’t know that he was a writer, mentor of Jack Kerouac Y Allen Ginsberg. Martín tells us about the book and the man.

Soul of Rus suggest reading That wasn’t in my Beatles book.of Francisco Castro Veloso. when thinking about The Beatles The phrase “It was Yoko Ono’s fault” comes to mind for all of us, but: Did you know that for Frank Sinatra “Something”, from George HarrisonWas it the best love song ever written? What Lennon said: “When we came back from Hamburg, everyone in Liverpool thought we were German”? We spoke with the author of the book, Francisco Castro Veloso. This work sheds light on the lesser-known aspects of the most publicized group of all time, such as the hatred between the two leaders of the group and the extent to which Lennon’s murder made him a legend by saving him from his decline.

What were the most anti-Francoist Spanish films in times of the dictatorship? we call Fernando Alonso Barahonaauthor of the book Spanish cinema in Franco’s timewho explains to us why the most anti-Francoists were The executionerof BerlangaY death of a cyclistof Bardem. well to Frank he loved them

And we end up with an action novel; minute 116 in which a man, compulsive cinephile and lover of Denzel WashingtonHe must fight for his father’s life. It all starts in extra time in the World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands. The author is Jesus Boluda.

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