Billie Eilish said she used a stunt double for Coachella 2022

That Billie Eilish was a particularly creative artist we have known for a long time (after all the up songs speak for themselves), but we completely ignored that the 20-year-old was also a master of disguise.

During an interview with The Matt Wilkinson Show of Apple Music 1 the singer “Happier than everRevealed that she had used a stunt double on the occasion of her performance at Coachella 2022 where, among others, Maneskin and Harry Styles also performed.

Incredible as it may seem Billie she said that when she kicked off her performance the one that everyone was acclaiming on stage was not her, at least as far as the opening sequence of her performance is concerned. “At the start of Coachella I had a stunt double, one of my show dancers,” she admitted Eilish. “I dressed her in a runway look I had worn before her. We took a black wig, we gave her a mask and sunglasses, then she put on my shoes and my socks “, explained the singer of”LovelyWith some pride in the success of his plan.

“I put her at the back of the stage and she just stood there while the lights went on and everyone thought it was me. No one has ever known this “, continued the artist of”No time to die“admitting that she has also disguised herself on other occasions since this allows her to feel free, a bit like what happened on the occasion of the Coachella of this year when, while her stunt double was “performing” on stage, she (wearing a large black coat with the hood pulled tightly over her head and the inevitable black sunglasses) walked through the crowd with extreme nonchalance.

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Already in 2020 Billie Eilish (whose current tour will not touch theItaly) had revealed a Vogue of having worn a disguise to go out with a friend, even if on that occasion the experiment did not seem to have particularly thrilled her. “Going to dinner is a hassle now, so I thought ‘Why don’t I try dressing up?’ I put on a wig, a hoodie, some jeans and went out. Well, I hated it, I didn’t like it, ”she said.

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