Anne Hathaway’s skincare routine for beautiful and healthy skin without botox!

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The beautiful skin porcelain actress Anne Hathaway It has given a lot to talk about, because even if it does not bring a drop of makeup it looks like baby skin. And it is that Anne is one of the actresses that it seems that time does not pass in her skin. here we bring you her step-by-step skincare routine to have perfect skin like hers and best of all, it’s botox-free!!

And it is that at 39 years old Anne wears a natural face that looks radiant, uniform, silky and toned. For this reason we further investigated the actress’s skincare routine along with the revelations of what she does of her own to take care of her complexion, so keep in mind the following steps to put your beauty routine into practice .

It has been revealed that Anne is one of the few people who puts into action the best kept secret of dermatologists. Next, we tell you what you need for incredible skin.

Anne Hathaway skincare routine. Credits: Instagram.

Sunscreen all the time

After several interviews, Hathaway has revealed that sunscreen cannot be missing from a beauty routine (advice followed by her mother). In The Sun she revealed that her family is very pale with Irish and French descent, so her mother has taught her to put on sunscreen.

To prevent some problems, the actress prioritizes sun care in her routine, not only with sunscreen, but also using an umbrella in the hottest hours and avoiding tans.

drink a lot of water

Water is life for the body, but also for the skin, since it hydrates, purifies and regulates it. That’s why Anne Hathaway drinks a sufficient amount of water a day, she considers it a basic daily she considers it a basic to keep her skin young.

This advice and the previous one are tricks that dermatologists always mention on the way to a well-cared complexion and more if you are not willing to apply botox on top of it.

Eye contour, your best friend

Anne reveals in a YouTube video mentioning her beauty must-haves. Her favorite product is an eye cream that has hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, rice extract and other products.

Coconut oil and other natural ingredients

In an interview with Allure, Anne mentioned that she always carries coconut oil in her makeup bag and that she can always make “her own products” and store them in glass or biodegradable materials.

facial treatments

Like any Hollywood star, the actress who gave life to Mía Thermopolis goes to perform treatments with top facialists. She takes refuge in the fact that she offers a red carpet facial that many celebrities use during awards season.

With these beauty secrets that you have discovered from Anne Hatheway, it is time for you to start putting them into practice, for a beautiful and above all healthy complexion no matter how old you look again.

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