Actress Cazzie David surprises with resemblance to Anne Hathaway

It was on July 22 the day the third season of the Netflix series premiered. Umbrella Academywhich has become a success and surprised, thanks to one of the characters that appears in it and who has a great resemblance with the beauty Anne Hathaway.

We are talking about the actress and screenwriter cazzie david She is only 28 years old, and although she has only been in the television industry for a short time, she has already surprised the public. She is quite a pretty woman and, above all, talented.

Spoiler alert, even though his involvement in the third season of this acclaimed series of the platform of Netflixwas not as crowded as believed thanks to the trailers, obviously left more than one surprised with its resemblance to the beautiful Oscar winner.

And it is that despite the fact that one next to the other does not have such identical features, thanks to the look with which he appeared in the third installment, Cazzie David immediately does not remember Hathaway a little, his color haircut helped him a lot.

Below we share two photographs where you can see a little the resemblance between the actresses From the one we mentioned, you will surely be just as surprised to see these two beautiful women together as if they were lost sisters, except for the color of their eyes, which is totally different.

Cazzie David and Anne Hathaway | Instagram captures

Jayme character in Umbrella Academy

Cazzie plays Jayme from Sparrow Academy who, in addition to knowing how to fight hand-to-hand, has one of the most peculiar powers and perhaps for some even something disgusting, which is about spitting a kind of hallucinogenic liquid at his opponents to get them out of combat.

Within the first episode we will see a great dance number between the members of both Umbrella and Sparrow Academywhich ended up being Diego’s idea who had received poison from Jayme when she spat it in his face.

In social networks we find some memes that allude to the character of Cazzie, at the moment there are few people who have noticed the resemblance to the protagonist of “The Devil Wears Prada”, surely within these days we will begin to see references.

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These types of projects have become quite popular, including the Anne Hathaway She has participated in comic book movies like Batman, let’s remember that she became Catwoman in 2012 sharing credits alongside Christian Bale.

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