Actors who were advised not to play gay characters

In the film and television industry, some actors were told not to play gay characters.

There are several reasons why some actors were recommended not to play gay characters. They have been from different angles, they all found homophobia as their origin, which, to this day, prevails in entertainment. We tell you who was suggested to reject a character or a gay scene and how they responded.

Michael Cimino

Beside george sear (benji), Michael Cimino is the protagonist of Love, Victor. As you well know, in 2021 the actor told Attitude Magazine who is a straight guy.

Despite the fact that the public has recognized the respect he has had in giving life to the character Victor SalazarNot all reactions were the same. Michael Cimino received homophobic insults and death threats for his character. Also, in 2022also in a chat with Attitude Magazine, He said that he was one of the actors who was recommended not to play gay characters.

Michel Cimino, protagonist of Love, Victor / Photo: Instagram (@itsmichaelcimino)

Tony Leung

One of the actors with the most memorable gay characters in cinema and who was recommended not to do so was Tony Leung, Lai Yiu-fai in HappyTogether (Wong Karwai, 1997). Added to some figures from the industry itself, the actor felt some fear of taking the role because of what his family might think. Therefore, one of the conditions that he put Tony Leung to film was that they never did nudes. WE SHARE THE CURIOSITIES OF HAPPY TOGETHER.

Tony Leung / Photo: Vanity Fair

The case Brokeback Mountain (2005)

When the project was in the planning phase —still in the hands of Gus Van Sant— no one imagined that Brokeback Mountain would become one of the titles gay movie classics. Nor was his success in sight in the Oscar awards. THESE ARE THE BEST 50 GAY MOVIES.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Total eclipse / Photo: IMDb

For the leading roles, the directors and crew casting received innumerable negatives. 2 of them came from Ryan Philippe Y Leonardo Dicaprio. As is known, both the protagonist of Cruel Intentions (1999) as that of The wolf of Wall Street (2013) their managers They warned them that, being such young figures, could affect your career.

They said Ryan’s career was barely taking off to affect her. / Photo: 20 minutes

In a third case of actors who were advised not to play gay characters, it was found Mark Wahlberg. Since the production team was contemplated to be Ennis Del Mar. Nevertheless, as soon as he received the proposal he went to a priest who advised him to reject it. FIND OUT WHO REJECTED THE LEADING ROLES OF SECRET IN THE MOUNTAIN.

A priest advised him not to be Ennis. / Photo: Men’s Health

Will Smith

After gaining popularity for his performance in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Airactor and producer Will Smith received the proposal to interpret Paul in Six Degrees of Separation. In this tape fred schepisi there was a scene where his character had to give a gay kiss to Anthony Michael Hall (Trent).

Denzel Washington and Will Smith / Photo: The Spanish

When the now film producer read the script, he turned to Denzel Washington. Initially, the then 25-year-old actor considered shooting the take. However, the protagonist of Malcom X recommended not to do it. He argued that being so young, a gay kiss could affect future projects. HERE YOU CAN FIND OUT ABOUT EVERYTHING REGARDING WILL SMITH’S PARTICIPATION IN SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION.

Do you remember other actors who have been advised not to play gay characters or stories?

With information from Attitude Magazine

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