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‘The unbearable weight of a huge talent’

Address: Tom Gormican Script: Kevin Etten? and Tom Gormican Interpreters: Nicolas Cage, Pedro Pascal, Tiffany Haddish, Sharon Horgan, Jacob Scipio, Paco León and Neil Patrick Harris Country: USA. 2022 Duration: 105 minutes

yesand for Kundera what was unbearable was the lightness of being, for a Nicolas Cage capable of laughing at himself and the image that represents him, the unbearable springs from the vanity of the actors, what he can’t stand is that egotistical narcissism against (again) which Coppola’s nephew has been dealing with since his professional origin.

Considered one of the most excessive actors of his generation, Cage fully embodies it; he works feverishly and assumes, without respite, characters and texts that range from the great puppet to the grotesque. He is the Takashi Miike of acting, the Klaus Kinski of today. He mixes the cinema of offal and mainstream with unintelligible essays; stars in forgettable and forgotten titles alongside huge pieces. His character is known unrepeatable. Like Jim Carrey, his mannerism takes him from bogeyman to excellence. Of course, the best works of his could not be embodied by anyone other than him. Hence, he does not mind throwing himself into an open grave.

That disposition makes him be called by the greatest filmmakers, the most bizarre, those who roll bare-chested without insurance or compromises. The list includes Lynch, Jonze, Cosmatos, Schrader, Stone, Edel, Sena, De Palma, Herzog, Proyas, Parker, Niccol, Verbinski, Scorsese, Maden, Scott, the Coens, and even, early on, his own uncle, Francis Ford Coppola. It would seem that Cage rides on the back of directors, who know neither bridle nor bit, in search of the unpredictable. He provokes admiration and complicity, and collects hatred and disqualification. A film of his is always covered with the uncertainty of a blind date. Although, in reality, with Cage you can always expect the unexpected. No one ignores that with him the conventional does not exist, that he will always embody his characters with extreme gestures and oblique glances. Like those cornered pupils that rarely look straight ahead, Cage is an actor of extremes.

He has made so many films that just listing them would fill half the script. Tom Gormican, emerging director and co-writer who has the full complicity of Nicolas Cage, actor and co-producer of this story, applies this idea of ​​homage and metalanguage.

Gormican and Cage seem to be inspired by How to be John Malkovich (1999) and Adaptation. the orchid thief (2002). That is, they feed on the universe of Spike Jonze (and Charlie Kaufman). Both militate in the pinch to the cinema and the real to abound in those not too distant times where the metaverse did not dominate but the metalanguage; times more aligned with the Brechtian distancing than with the pyrotechnics of Marvel and its avatars. Consequently, this procedure is perceived as more adult and free-thinking; more undermined by uncertainty and irony. However, that I touched Jonze drifts into an adventure more twinned with the last great hero of the vindictive John McTiernan in the service of Arnold Schwarzenegger. At those coordinates, The unbearable weight of a huge talent unleashes what Nicolas Cage stands for and has done. His references to his previous films illustrate an action comedy that takes place in Mallorca and that, with too many strange ideas, grows on the kidnapping of the daughter of the president of the Generalitat.

Territorial proximity aside, The unbearable weight…, without delving into the paradoxes of Jonze, gives birth to an entertaining film, with hilarious situations and with the guarantee of having a fun time without incurring in the banality that corrodes us. Irregular in her rhythm, disconcerting in her behavior, with her Tom Gormican achieves the obvious: seducing those who perceive Cage’s value and frightening those who can’t stand the Sailor in the snakeskin jacket who writhed endlessly in Wild Heart. he

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