zil considers being a professional Fortnite player

mesut zil is a well-known German soccer player who shot his fame in Spain after joining the real Madrid from 2010 to 2013 in which he headed to Arsenal to later become a Fenerbahe SK footballer

The midfielder of Turkish roots, however, seems to have no place in his current team and given that he is already a 33-year-old veteran player, he would be considering hanging up his boots to start undertaking new projects, some of them related to the esports.

In fact, his agent, Erkut Sogut, has assured The Telegraph portal that zil is he would even be considering becoming a professional esports player and, more specifically, Fortnite: “He’s going to go further into the world of electronic sports, he’s going to try it out and maybe turn professional“, comments his agent. “Honestly, he’s really good at playing Fortnite and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him compete.“.

zil is already in esports with M10, his own club

This is not the first time that we see the name of zil linked to electronic sports since in 2018 he began to do regular streaming playing Fortnite while in 2019 he participated in a Mortal Kombat 11 exhibition tournament.

Also, zil also has its own electronic sports club, M10currently having FIFA 22 and Fortnite teams, so the jump as a professional player can be done even from your own team.



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