WWE: Stephanie McMahon’s return is positive for the WWE locker room

According to the journalist Mike Johnsonmedium PW Insiderthe return of the former head of the brand WWE, Stephanie McMahon, in his new role as interim CEO was well received by the talent in the company’s locker room. You have to remember that his father, Vince McMahonwas forced to leave his position as manager.

Several days ago, Stephanie McMahon had left her position as WWE Brand Manager to take a break from the company and have more time for herself. In addition to this, the investigation of the Board of Directors due to economic irregularities they have focused on his father, Vince.

However, his father decided to stay on the sidelines as CEO of the company and Stephanie has taken her place on an interim basis.. This generated great relief to WWE workerswith whom he has a good relationship.

“We have heard that there is a lot of sympathy for Stephanie McMahon, since has been practically forced to return to work despite wanting to distance herself from the company and take a deep breath for herself. Many have pointed out to me that they have marveled at how strong Stephanie has been despite the fact that they involve multiple people beyond the relationship that is being investigated by the WWE Board of Directors, “were Johnson’s words.

Beyond having left office, Vince McMahon continues to make creative decisions regarding the programs Monday Night RAW Y Friday Night SmackDownmaking very brief appearances at both shows this week.

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