World Swimming 2022: Strong scare at the World Cup in Budapest: Anita Álvarez fainted in the middle of the pool; she was rescued

Tpatched scare was lived this day in the World Swimming Championships Budapest 2022 when the American Anita Alvarez he fainted while performing his exercise in the artistic swimming free solo final. Fortunately, his coach, the Spanish Andrea Fuentes, I quickly entered the pool to rescue her and take her to medical assistance.

lvarez was in the last details of his routine when suddenly he lost consciousness and fell to the bottom of the pool. Seeing no reaction, Fuentes did not hesitate to enter early to bring it out. With the help of the coach added that of a member of the organization who collaborated to take the 25-year-old athlete to the edge of the pool, where paramedics were already ready with a stretcher to attend to her.

Trainer Andrea Fuentes and a member of the organization

Trainer Andrea Fuentes and a member of the organization brought Álvarez to the surface

After the scare, the American team reported that Álvarez was recovered and out of danger, however, they also said that she would be subjected to medical tests to determine the cause of fainting.

This is the second time that Anita lvarez faints in the middle of the pool, well in the Barcelona pre-Olympic, prior to the Tokyo 2020 Games She experienced a similar episode in which her trainer Fuentes was also the one who came in to rescue her.

Álvarez finished seventh in the artistic swimming competition in Budapest, while the gold went to the Japanese Yukiko Inui, the money was taken by the ukrainian Martha Fiedina, while the bronze went to the Greek Evangelia Plataniotti.


Anita Álvarez at the beginning of her participation in the final

Andrea Fuente: “I can’t believe it. It has been tremendous”

After what happened, the swimmer’s coach gave words for the ‘The Big Game of the Cope Chain’where he described the moments of anguish that were experienced and his reaction to the fainting of Anita Álvarez.

“On another occasion I also had to help her, but it was not so serious. Today he has been two minutes without breathing“, Fuentes said. “When a swimmer finishes the first thing she does is breathe, she sank and nobody reacted, so I jumped in.”

The coach assured that: “The doctors insist that everything is fine (…) Athletes put the body to the limit, today you have discovered where your limit is

Finally, he expressed the actions he took when he saw that the swimmer was not breathing.

“I am that I do not believe it. It has been tremendous, Anita was not breathing. I have tried to wake her up by slapping her and opening her jaw“.

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