Women’s Soccer: Pachuca, the team that could achieve the “bombshell” in Mexican soccer

Lthe rumors and names of footballers of proven quality in European football were around different teams in the Liga MXthere were several days that names like those of Edinson Cavani or Luuk de Jong were constantly pointed out as real options to come to Mexico and while that was happening, without making much noise and quietly, Pachuca was preparing to hit the table with what can be considered the most important contract in the history of the Liga MX Femenil,


Edinson Cavani’s name was linked to Toluca for several days, Even from Europe, Mexico was mentioned as a destination for the Uruguayan who is looking for a place to continue his career after saying goodbye to Manchester United. Despite the interest of the Devils, the 35-year-old striker has no plans to leave European football and has ruled out signing with a Mexican club.

After the subject of Cavani cooled down, the Red Devils continued with their sights on the Old Continent and ran into Luuk de Jong, who returned to Sevilla after passing through Barcelonahowever, again, it was more smoke that was sold around the interest of the Devils than an actual offer.

This time, teams like America, Monterrey or Cruz Azul, were not the options that sounded the strongest to be the destiny of some consecrated and it was clear that names like the Suárez or Cavani continue to be an unattainable dream for Mexican clubs.

Pachuca could

And while the rumors came and went in Liga MX, the Tuzos del Pachuca surprised with a historic contract, the arrival of Jennifer Hermoso is without a doubt, in the absence of knowing her results, the most important contract in recent years in Mexican soccer. For achievements, for history and because not every team can boast that they have a Silver Ball winner on their squad, which means being the second best player in the world.

So while on the manly branch, Liga MX is still waiting for that bomb signing that will paralyze the championshipin the Liga MX Femenil, Pachuca has achieved it and With the presence of Jennifer Hermoso, not only will Pachuca win, it will be a coup that will undoubtedly benefit the entire Liga MX Femenil Well, from now on it will be under the scrutiny of more European players who will be able to see what Mexican soccer offers through its growing women’s league

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