Why Sylvester Stallone would “pay” for a fight between Rocky and Rambo

Without a doubt, they represent two of the most mythical characters in world cinema, coming out of the Hollywood factory with all the universal projection that this implies. Rocky Balboathe Italian stallion, a native of Philadelphia, a small-time boxer, without a polished technique, but with an iron will that manages to overcome the most accurate blows applied to him. Rambo, the deadliest soldier that fiction has ever given birth to, a brave but violent, aggressive and also brutal Vietnam hero. “Son of Sylvester Stallone who, already past 70, does not stop remembering them and from his social networks tells details of what it meant to make those films.

Recently, Sylvester Stallone answered the repeated question about who would win in a fight between Rocky Balboa Y Rambo, and when responding, he elaborated on some considerations about each of his historical characters, which were somewhat relegated to his Solomonic definition: either of them can win. Sometimes it seems that Stallone I never would have been able to hang the suit on those two iconic characterizations. In fact, with the saga of Rocky Balboa, started in 1976, continued to this day, with new movies showing him as the trainer for Apollo Creed’s son. As to Rambohis Last Mission premiered in 2019.

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