Why Meryl Streep Wore Maria Felix’s Famous Beetle Necklace

Maria Felix known as La Doña or María Bonita, she was one of the most important Mexican actresses of all time, who, in addition to standing out for her talent, drew attention for her eccentric personality.

We all remember her for the beautiful jewelry she wore on her elegant outfits, but I bet you didn’t know that the leading actress was once meryl streep He wore an incredible necklace from the Mexican.

The popular beetle necklace belonged to Maria Felix but the last time he saw the light was on the neck of Meryl Streep.


Well then meryl streep used this necklace made of 18-carat gold, onyx and diamonds during the delivery of the Oscar Awards in 2007.

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Although that night the actress Helen Mirren was the one who took the award for her performance in the film “The Queen”for Streep it was an unforgettable night.

At that award, she was nominated for best actress for her role in the movie “The Devil Wears Fashion,” a film that remained in the hearts of all fashion lovers.

That evening was definitely unforgettable for the American actress who had the fortune to wear that striking and luxurious necklace.

But Where is the origin of the beetle necklace?

As we already told you, the beetle necklace originally belonged to María Félix, but in 1996 it was auctioned in Geneva, Switzerland.

After its appearance on the neck of meryl streep It was auctioned again and more than a decade ago it reached the “Always in Style: 150 years of Artistic Jewels” lot at Sotheby’s New York.

Since that night no other actress has been seen, so we do not know for sure where this piece is located.

María Félix and her eccentric taste for jewelry

Maria Felix She was a jewelry lover and her favorite pieces were crocodiles and snakes.

The Mexican wore various jewels with these figures during her adult life and in fact Cartier made her a snake necklace covered in diamonds.

The jewel was made up of platinum and gold armor that made it totally flexible, almost 56 centimeters long.

It is said that it had more than two thousand small diamonds with green, black and red touches.

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It was not the first time that the brand collaborated with the Mexican, because on other occasions they also made jewelry especially for her.

It is even said that she once invited a toast to the artisans of Cartier, Well, I was very grateful and proud of the work.

Before her death, the Mexican actress sold these creations to Cartier for more than 20 million euros to add them to their historical archives.

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