When Tom Cruise could be the king of Marvel

In the mid 2000s, Tom Cruise shone with its own light in Hollywood, while Robert Downey Jr. he was still more recognized for his addictions and past problems than for his career.

For this reason, no one is surprised that the first choice to bring Iron Man to lifein the movie that would start the glorious Marvel Cinematic Universe was Tom Cruise.

It’s hard to imagine Tony Stark without the recognizable face of Robert Downey Jr. but, if you imagine it with another face, Tom Cruise’s seems to fit perfectly.

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Obviously, the actor turned down the role. And he did, as he confessed he back in the day The Indian Express, because “I didn’t think it would work. Marvel Studios came to me at a certain point, and when I do something, I want to do it right. It just didn’t seem my way“, assured the actor in 2018.

Despite the insistence of Marvel, where they were clear that Tom Cruise was the right man, it would finally be Robert Downey Jr. who would keep the historic role. Time and the billions of dollars raised have ended up giving the reason to Jon Favreau, the great supporter of Tony Stark’s alter ego, who fought against everything and everyone for his hiring.

Jon Favreau, in an interview with rolling stonewas convinced that Robert Downey Jr. was the best candidate to be Tony Stark because “their redemption arcs are eerily similar“. He hit the nail on the head.

Interestingly, now that Tom Cruise is sweeping Top Gun: Maverick, It is worth remembering that for the role of Maverick in the original film, Robert Downey Jr was also considered. but, finally, Tom Cruise would be done with the protagonist.

Asomething similar happened with Chaplin (1992), the biopic that earned Robert Downey Jr. his first Oscar nomination (in 2008 they would nominate him again for Tropic Thunder), had Tom Cruise as the number one candidate but he turned down the role and ended up in the hands of RDJ.

It is clear that If anyone can look Iron Man in the eye and beat him, it’s Tom Cruise. Obviously, Hollywood, Disney and the world dream that the actor will one day be part of the MCU. In what character? Where Tom Cruise wants.

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