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    When it premieres Elvis on HBOMax? Baz Luhrmann, Austin Butler, and Tom Hanks’ biopic of the singer-songwriter Elvis will be available on Monday, August 8, 2022 on the HBO Max platform, following WarnerMedia’s strategy of releasing its films on the streaming platform throughout 2022 45 days after their theatrical release, a hybrid formula announced by the CEO of the company, Jason Kilar, at the beginning of the year and that, for the moment, will be valid until December. Elvis thus adds to the 45-day model that has already been applied to movies that are already on HBO Max batman Y Fantastic Beasts 3. So much dunes What Matrix Resurrections They followed a different strategy (they arrived four months after their premiere on HBO Max) because, being 2021 titles, they did not fall within Warner’s new combined projection model. While the return of the public to movie theaters is consolidated, Warner Bros continues to test this new model of theatrical release and subsequent re-release on its HBO Max streaming platform 45 days ahead. At the moment it has to be working, hence it also applies to Elvis. This strategy makes sense, for the time being, to the extent that it doesn’t cannibalize the experience in theaters (regardless of the fact that there is a huge gap between seeing this film in theaters and seeing it on television) and until the box office stabilizes, it compensates to the extent in that it attracts new subscribers to the streaming platform and retains those who are already paying for a subscription. What is unclear is whether Warner will continue this strategy in 2023 after the October 2022 release of Black Adam, assuming that the premiere is not postponed again, of course, which could perfectly happen if the public returns to theaters en masse during the summer and the trend of films like Spider-Man No Way Home, Top Gun Maverick Y jurassic-park. Although it is also true that it would be a great claim for the Christmas campaign…

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    What has become clear to all the big studios and streaming platforms is that simultaneous release on both platforms makes no sense. was made with Godzilla vs. kong, The Matrix Resurrections, the suicide squad Y Wonder Woman 1984 (dunes was already left out of this formula) and it did not work in any of the four cases. So much batman like Warner’s big releases for 2022, like Elvis (there are more movies, among them Black Adam), will premiere on the 46th on HBO Max. With this hybrid model, possible one-off rental income is waived in order to gain subscribers to the streaming platform. Warner, it is undeniable, is well aware that the scenario has changed in theaters. When Kilar announced the new strategy in January 2022, he too said “this is a big change from where things were in 2018, 2017, 2016.”

    Warner is not the only one who has tried different models, as you already know very well. Disney has also tried it with three models to release their films. Starting the simultaneous paid premiere of black widow in streaming and cinemas, continuing with the single free premiere model only through its digital platform, as happened with hamilton Y Soul in 2020 and on Luca in 2021, and premiere at 45 days (first) and 60 days (later) with Doc Strange 2, Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings Y Eternals.

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