What Will Smith felt after slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars

Four months have passed and the issue continues to drag. We are talking about the most remembered -and embarrassing- moment of the last Oscar gala: the slap that Will Smith gave to Chris Rock, after a unfortunate joke of this on the appearance of the actor’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Although the protagonists, direct and indirect, have already given their version of the events actively and passively, like other well-known faces of Hollywood, it has been now when the actor and producer Tyler Perry, friend of both and witness of the moment, has spoken and has told what he lived and witnessed. Well, he, along with Denzel Washington, was one of those who approached Will Smith after the altercation, at the break of the gala. He has done it in a conversation with the journalist Gayle King, during the Tribeca Film Festivalwhich is celebrated these days in New York, according to DailyMail.

“Being friends with both of them has been very difficult”

The first thing Perry did, by his own account, was approach rock to find out how he was: “I wanted to make sure he was okay. Being friends with both of them has been very difficult.” Then, and after a few moments with the comedian, Perry he sought out Smith to calm him down, which does not console him, as he wanted to clarify. “It was very painful for everyone, for Chris, who behaved like a champion in the way he handled the situation. But I want you to understand that he was also extremely painful for Will. It’s not an excuse. She was completely wrong. But something triggered it, this is so out of everything that he is, “says the actor.

“When we approached him he was devastated,” Perry reveals. “He was looking him in the eye and he was thinking ‘What are you doing? This is your big night. To get to this point, to win an Oscar, one of the highlights of his career, which he desperately wanted, and for something like this to happen…” she laments.

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So surprising that not even Tyler Perry himself believes that Will Smith may be aware of what happened and ensures that the actor “is reflecting” to try to figure out what went through his head to react like that. Also, Perry believes that it could be some “child trauma” that he has not been able to recover. “I know Will well,” she says.

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