Try this delicious fried pie stuffed with cheese, a sweet delight

The cheese is an excellent ingredient when it comes to salads, soups Y creamsbut it can also be a delicious addition to our dessertsjust like in this fried cheese piewhich mixes the delicious flavor of this ingredient with a crispy texture outside and very creamy inside, so if you feel like a dessert like this, we will teach you how to prepare it.

For this prescription we will use cream cheese for his taste neutral, but you can add any cream cheese that you like and thus give a personal touch to the mixtureJust make sure you don’t have too much. Saltso that you do not alter the balance of flavors and have a sweet and delicious dessert. We will also use the deep fry to cook our paysso we recommend that you set to warm your oil while you assemble the pies, so that when you fry them, they are already very hot.

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