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A new case of ‘fake news’ appeared this week on social networks after the famous billionaire, Paris Hilton will post a video on her TikTok account.

In the recording you can see Paris dressed in a gala dress accompanied by a man who appears to be Tom Cruise. The famous are getting ready for the supposed premiere of a movie.

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“Do you think people are really going to believe this?” Hilton asked, while the actor replied, “I think most people would believe anything.”

After being published, the video caused a stir on social networks and sparked rumors of a possible relationship between the artists.. Recall that Paris Hilton is married to businessman Carter Milliken Reum, so fans did not understand why she would post an affair.

However, it was all a joke by DJ and Tom Cruise impersonator Miles Fisher.. Fans were struck by the resemblance between the two.

Fisher has become famous on Instagram and TikTok for his use of ‘deepfake’ technology. This tool is used to create an image and sound by means of artificial intelligence. With this method you can imitate anyone.

Paris Hilton’s video already has more than 15 million views on TikTok. In the comments, fans were impressed by the image of the “fake” Tom Cruise.

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This technology was born in 2018 and has been very successful in the entertainment industry. This is software that puts fake images on a person’s face. For this, it uses ‘deep learning’ techniques that are responsible for understanding the movements of a human being in order to recreate them.

In the case of Miles Fisher, the impersonator uses some six thousand images of Tom Cruise to give the algorithm all the options it requires.. Fisher, who already has more than 300,000 followers on his Instagram account, shares videos of the tool with his fans.

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