Tom Cruise and how to look good in jeans at 50+

Tom Cruise is living proof that there is no age limit to dress well or wear what you like. You can wear jeans to death, prefer t-shirts over shirts, and even jump on whatever trend strikes your fancy, as long as you know how to do it right.

The point is that you look neat, stylish and young, but without falling into the terrain of being too youthful or exaggerated, and that you learn to identify which are the cuts, colors and types of clothing that best suit you (the effort is worth it). It’s worth it when you discover that you look great).

In the case of Tom Cruise, for example, he must also consider his height, he is not one of the tallest men, but he knows that he can create the illusion that he is with what he wears, that is why we see him always wearing pieces that are well adjusted to his body, avoiding excess volume and maintaining a classic color range. And you don’t have to do the same, but it obviously works.

Also, Cruise has some tips to make your jeans look perfect every time, with a slightly sophisticated touch, but still casual and relaxed.

Tom Cruise and what you must do to look good in jeans

take care of the length

think about the lengthKen Ishii/Getty Images

Actually, this is a point that every man should take into account, no matter his age or height, and it applies to jeans and all types of pants that exist.

If you wear very short pants, it can seem that they are too small for you, and very long pants have the opposite effect. This is why it is recommended that you take them to the tailor, so that they cut them to the right length, where they touch your shoes (unless they are cropped), but without allowing too much fabric to accumulate on the bottom (which is something that looks neglected).

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