To be obsessed! Chris Hemsworth Marathon on Netflix

The giant and tender Chris Hemsworth is quite a celebrity on Netflix. Original and entertaining titles starring the Australian actor, known for bringing to life Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they abound on the platform. Even some where he has succeeded in other genres than superheroes.

In this way, we present five films where the presence of the irresistible Hollywood heartthrob already makes them a real visual delight. Not to mention the great stories behind it.


This time the 38-year-old artist is the villain of the film, stuffed into the skin of Steve Abnesti. He is a charismatic and outgoing scientist who uses prisoners inside a futuristic prison to test his visionary drugs.

Likewise, substances go far beyond altering the senses of those who try them, since they can even completely change the person’s way of thinking and mood during the effect. Quickly, his project ends up spiraling out of control.

Miles Teller, Tess Haubrich, Jurnee Smollett and Mark Paguio round out the cast of this wacky plot.


Like the previous one, this movie is a Netflix original, perfect for those who sympathize with action thrillers.

The fearless, tormented and lonely mercenary Tyler Rake is sent to Bangladesh, India, to rescue the son of a mobster who is behind bars. On the one hand, her confidence in his abilities tells her that he will succeed. However, his inner demons as well as various obstacles will complicate the mission.

The plot is as violent as it is exciting and will undoubtedly keep users on the edge of their seats.

«Men In Black: International»

In 2019 Chris Hemsworth joined the “Men In Black” franchise where he gave life to Agent H, who together with the independent Molly will embark on an adventure with entities from other planets in the United Kingdom to discover a traitor within his organization. and thus, combat a new alien threat. As in the films of this saga, whose premiere was in 1997, futuristic technology is the true protagonist.

This action-comedy tested Hemsworth’s ability to make laughs, as well as hand-to-hand combat, two things that aren’t necessarily difficult for him due to his work playing the Marvel superhero.

Along with him, Tessa Thompson, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson and Kumail Nanjiani are in the cast.


In 2016 the actor ventured into a really Geek project, it is “Ghostbusters”, where his character, Kevin, a boy who intended to serve as a receptionist for the group of scientists who star in the film, ends up being part of something much more bigger than him

In addition, his beauty and sympathy end up disorienting them and driving them crazy, which serves to laugh for a while, added to this is the fact that Kevin is a bit silly.

The plot focuses on four women: Abby, Erin, Jillian and Patty who will try to rescue their city, New York, from various threats that are between the earthly and the supernatural, but that represent a serious problem.


In this 2013 biopic Hemsworth was in charge of James Hunt, the charismatic Formula 1 driver of the 1970s. In turn, in the plot is Nikki Lauda, ​​an unwavering and cold Austrian who always gives his best in the race. Speedway.

The rivals are constantly in tension to prove who is the best. However, a dramatic event will bridge the gap between the two and while it doesn’t make them soul pals, it makes them comrades.

A good option for sports fans but, mainly, for those who enjoy stories based on real events.

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