throw suits from the trial and premiere rejuvenating look

According to the US press, the actor decided to get rid of the suits he wore in the trial that he finally won against his ex-wife, Amber. Now him Depp that we all know is finally back, although he also renewed his look. The actor appeared at a concert with a new style without a mustache, which gave him a more youthful and fresh appearance.

It all happened on Sunday during the Helsinki Blues Festival in Finland after being spotted in the UK. Johnny He wore a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a black vest, hat, sunglasses and countless necklaces and bracelets, as usual.

Helsinki Blues Festival
Johnny Depp could reprise his role as ‘Jack Sparrow’.

After starting work on an album with Beck in 2019, the duo will finally release their new album 18, the 15th of July. The 13-track collection will feature a variety of covers that play Motown, The Beach Boys, John Lennon, The Velvet Underground, killing joke and more.

Helsinki Blues Festival
Johnny Depp on stage with Jeff Beck at the Helsinki Blues Festival in the Kaisaniemen Puisto.

That’s on the music side of things. As an actor, it seems that Depp has not yet been welcomed. While it remains to be seen if he will resume his role as the iconic Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny will appear in a documentary series titled boston george. The series will tell the story of the drug trafficker george jacob and will premiere on July 22.

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