This was the timeline of the relationship between Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker

Rumors that Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker broke up have been confirmed by AND! but not yet by the celebrities in question: neither of them has spoken about it.

According to the publication, Kendall and Devin had been in a relationship for two years but ended because they feel that their life projects go in different directions. A source shared on June 22, “Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker went through a rough patch recently and have been apart for about a week and a half.”

The couple had a “great time” in Italy together during sister Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding festivities, the source explains, “but once they got back together, they started to feel like they weren’t aligned and realized they have styles of very different lives.”

While we wait for the confirmation of whether this relationship really came to an end, we took on the task of remembering some of the highlights of their relationship in this timeline in chronological order.

This was the love story between Kendall Jenner and Devin

April 2020

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker had kept their relationship secret until a roadtrip through Sedona, Arizona put them on the paparazzi map when they were caught at a gas station and from there the rest is history, although at that time it was not known if they were just friends or already dating.

A source revealed: “Kendall and her friends have a small social circle amongst the group, who have been following the same social distancing and physical distancing guidelines. Devin is a friend and is part of the small group.”

August 2020

The couple is captured on several occasions by the paparazzi at romantic dinners and even doing the super together, the spot where all celebrity couples go to dinner? Nobu. AND! revealed that the relationship was taking shape very quickly and that Kendall was in love. “It was a very casual date, but it seems they are spending more time together and getting closer,” says the source. Another source says that Kendall is “excited to have him in Los Angeles so they can spend some time together in person… They have been staying together and hanging out in Malibu with friends and family.”

October 2020

The controversial party of Kim Kardashian on an island goes viral, while the whole world continued to have restrictions on social distancing, the clan family flew to an island to celebrate the 40th birthday of their older sister. Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker obviously attended together. Although they probably thought they were being low key, Kendall and Devin are seen looking happy together on the back of a photo of Scott Disick and his son Mason.

February 2021

Valentines Day arrives and this couple goes Instagram Official, and both post photos of each other looking super in love on their stories. Although Devin had previously shared photos of Kendall on her profile, this time she is the first that the model publishes it and includes a heart emoji.

A few days later Kendall attends one of Devin’s games (where fans find her and ask for photos) attending a Phoenix Suns game, and surprise! The model agreed to pose from a distance!

April 2021

We know that the Kardashians celebrate Easter in a big way, we have seen it many times in their Instagram posts that it is a weekend of great celebration, but this time Kendall’s publication has an interesting comment. Devin leaves a flirtatious comment.

June 2021

KUWTK executive producer Farnaz Farjam told Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast that Kendall has a strict no-boyfriend rule to make sure the guys she’s with stay. her for her and not for television fame.

That month the couple celebrates their first anniversary and to celebrate Kendall posts super cute photos of her and Devin on her Instagram Stories, of course! Since these two are extremely low-key, Kendall doesn’t post a “happy anniversary!”

July 2021

Devin has an important achievement in his career: with the Phoenix Suns, he reaches game 1 of the NBA Finals to play against the Milwaukee Bucks. And of course, Kendall is super proud and expresses it on her Instagram Stories. “I’m not emotional, you are,” she writes about the video she shares.

September 2021

THE date we found out that Kendall isn’t the only one in the family who has a crush on Devin, the model joked about Stormi’s crossover with her boyfriend. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Kendall talked about having a ton of nieces and nephews and how Devin fits into her family. “He loves them,” Kendall said of Devin after she was asked if she helps them during her aunt duties. “He and Stormi have an amazing relationship. She has a huge crush on him and I’m kind of jealous at times,” she joked.

October 2021

The most viral photo of the couple happens, Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker give each other a tender kiss on the court and the whole internet goes crazy.

May 2022

Kendall and Devin attend Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s wedding in Italy with the family for a weekend of celebration. Videos of them strolling and (together at the ceremony) go viral on TikTok after a super hilarious clip of Kendall trying to climb the stairs.

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