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The live-action movie of ‘Barbie’ will hit theaters in the summer of next year, creators of the tape commented that the plot will address the life of the most famous doll of the planet, who will be expelled from her fantasy world for not being so perfect, this will lead her to experience a series of adventures in the real life.

The production will star Margot Robbie, known for bringing to life ‘Harly Quinn’ in the cinematic universe DC Comics. In addition, it will feature performances by other well-known celebrities such as Sim Liu, saoirse ronan, America Ferrera and Emma Mackey. It is expected that they will soon release the official trailer.

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Within the cast is Ryan Gosling, who will play Kenneth Carson, better known as ‘ken’, Barbie’s romantic interest. A few hours ago, Warner Bros Pictures revealed the first glimpse of this character, causing the actor’s name to become a trend in the whole web.


During the noon of June 12, the first photograph of Gosling, characterized as Ken was shared through the social networks of the entertainment company. In it, the actor is seen wearing a denim outfit that includes a vest that highlights his abdomen.

In that publication, they highlighted that the film will be released in theaters around the world on July 21, 2023. The image was soon go viral, because within a few hours of being broadcast it has already exceeded the 40 thousand reactions on Twitter, while on Instagram it accumulates more than 110 thousand ‘likes’.

This was revealed after a few days ago a reporter caught the actor from 41 years with his new style, and although he was wearing a cap at the time, it was noticeable that his hair was completely platinum


Last April, Warner Bros published the first photograph of its protagonist, in which Robbie is seen posing inside a pink vehicle, while wearing a blue ribbon with white dots in her hair, and a dress with the same colors.

In this regard, she commented in an interview for ‘Vogue’ that the tape: “It comes with a ton of accessories! And many nostalgic connections. People listen to Barbie and think she knows what the movie is going to be. Then they hear that Greta Gerwig is writing and directing and they say ‘Well, maybe not’.

It should be noted that Greta Gerwig is an acclaimed director, screenwriter, and actress famous for having collaborated on renowned films, some of them are ‘little women’ (2019) or ‘Lady Bird’ (2017).

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