They auctioned off the scissor hands used by Johnny Depp: how much did they sell for?

There is no doubt that the judgment Johnny Depp did to Amber Heard term benefiting the actor both in the verdict of the jury and in popularity with the public. This was demonstrated by the large number of followers his brand new TikTok account amassed and also by the way his fans supported him outside of the Fairfax courthouse.

Now another element is added that endorses that statement: an auction house auctioned off the device with the scissors in the form of fingers that Johnny Depp used in the movie Scissorhands at a higher value than had been proposed.

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How much the scissor hands that Johnny Depp used in the movies were auctioned

According to what the media pointed out TMZthe element that was used in the filming of the memorable film directed by Tim Burton in 1990 it was sold to $81,250double the price that the auctioneers believed was going to be auctioned.

The original mold "Scissorhands" It was auctioned for more than 80 thousand dollars.  (Photo: Propstore)
The original cast of “Scissorhands” was auctioned for more than 80 thousand dollars. (Photo: Propstore)

It was in early May when prop storean auction company famous for selling millions of dollars worth of movie collectibles, published an operation that would begin on June 21. Among the items were “sharp fingers” of Depp’s character.

At the time of the announcement, when Johnny and Amber Heard were on trialestimated that the product would be sold between $30,000 and $50,000. But finally, TMZ stated that this Tuesday they finalized the auction for nearly double its original value.

Item has handcrafted metal blades created as master molds. The “hands” that were made based on the original They are the ones used for several of the shots of the remembered film.

The original mold of "sharp fingers" that Johnny Depp used in "Scissorhands".  (Photo: Propstore)
The original mold of the “sharp fingers” used by Johnny Depp in “Scissorhands.” (Photo: Propstore)

It’s not the only item Depp wore on the big screen that’s on the auction market. Other site, Kruse GWS Auctionsalso offers the motorcycle that the actor drove in the 1990 film cry baby, with an initial offer of $250,000.

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In prop storeat the same time, other elements that were seen in Depp’s films are also shown: a golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factorya sword of the character of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and even a replica of a poster of Sleepy Hallow of The legend of the Headless Horseman.

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