“They asked me to get as big as possible”

Natalie Portmann, 1.65 meters tall and with a high-pitched voice, she has always had a naturally petite presence. Even with her powerful acting skills, she seems like an elf, a trope she has humorously confronted in skits What Natalie’s rap, in SNL. But for her next role as the mighty Thor (Jane Foster, plus the hammer, plus the powers) in Thor: Love and Thunder, he was asked for the first time in his career to add muscle to her structure, and the physical change also affected her mentally.

“In Black Swanthey asked me to get as small as possible,” Portman said. to Variety, reflecting on the role – a ballerina – that earned her an Oscar. “[Para Thor], they asked me to make myself as big as possible. That’s an incredible challenge, and also a state of mind as a woman.”

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“By having this reaction and being seen as great, you realize that it is very different to walk through the world like this,” she added. “When you’re little – and also, I think, because I started as a child – many times I feel young or small, like a kind of pat on the head. And I also present myself that way, that’s why.”

For the role, Portman, co-owner of a soccer team, worked with a trainer for 10 months, although not even the most talented physical trainer could make the actress taller, as the script called for. In her place, a ramp was built for Natalie Portman to walk on during filming so she could stand next to her co-star Chris Hemsworth.


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