These are all the secret Fortnite map changes coming with the new 21.10 update

Everytime that Fortnite is updated with new content, I am also amazed to see how the game’s island has changed with the aforementioned patch. It is something that always catches my attention for a reason: the setting of the battle royale or, rather, its evolution It allows us to understand how the hidden narrative of a specific season unfolds.

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And it’s already out the new update 21.10 of Fortnite and the community of battle royale dataminers has been quick to list the changes that the game’s island has undergone with it. Next, I leave you with all those who have been discovered by the leaker known as Guille_GAG so you can take a look at them with your own eyes:

  • At the start of a match, Darth Vader’s ship will land at a random point on the map
  • The map has been filled with landing spots for the latter
  • The sawmill has been invaded by the root of the tree of reality
  • a new red sawmill has appeared on the island of Fortnite
  • A new building under construction has appeared in Tilted Towers
  • The rock family has settled on the bank of one of the rivers on the map
  • The minions found in the secret cave on the map have gone around the island

There are all the changes. The truth is that I find it very interesting to see how the tree of reality is affecting to the various locations of the Fortnite map and I am anxious to know what his next victim will be.

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