The viral makeup trick to have Kylie Jenner’s lips without injecting

Kylie Jenner revealed in the past that one of her biggest insecurities was her thin lips, so she looked for different alternatives to make them big and juicy. something that we can now imitate with makeup.

In fact, that motivated the famous to create her brand Kylie Cosmetics, which has become a success, and to try various tricks with eyeliner and lipstick from home, which her makeup artist, Ariel, now brought to light.

The makeup trick to have Kylie Jenner’s lips

According to the expert, one of the secrets that gives the most results is to acquire in the market the new volumizing lipsticks with formulas that enlarge, fill and redefine the natural way for several minutes.

With the passage of time the effect decays, but only with a touch-up will we feel the difference again. In addition, these provide a very rejuvenating shine and a pleasant sensation of freshness, or itching, depending on the brand, which is very unique.

These lipsticks are becoming all the rage on platforms like TikTok, since its effect is the same as that of the ‘fillers’ or lip fillers used by cosmiatrists, in a cheaper, easier and painless way.

The non-invasive technique is accompanied with a liner outside the lip line to make them subtly fuller. It is important to use a tone similar to that of the natural lips if we will only add gloss later, or the color that the next lipstick will have.

At the end, Ariel recommends the Lip Injection Maximum Plum Extra Strength Plumpler, from Too Faced, in the center of the lower lip, wait about a minute and then enjoy the result.

There are already many brands that are releasing their version of this product that is causing a stir in this time when everyone wants voluptuous lips.

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