The titles that will leave Amazon Prime Video soon

The streaming platform with the best acceptance in our country needs to make room for the numerous premieres and news that it brings us every month. There are plenty movies and some very interesting series, which will no longer be seen in the coming days. Do not miss the opportunity to see some titles that you will surely like.

Series that will leave Amazon Prime Video soon:

Mad Men (T1): Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss star in this series set in the 1960s, when business was worth anything. It has a magnificent score of 8.7 points on the specialized IMDb website.

The End of Comedy: the comedian Ignatius Farray (Modern Life), star in this six-part miniseries, where he will show us how to combine his performances on stage, and a most messy private life. Humor for lovers of Hora Chanante and Niñada Nui. Do you know his muffled cry? Alright!

The movies that will stop being seen soon on Amazon Prime Video:

dragonblade: Jackie Chan, John Cusack and Adrien Brody lead the cast of this action drama. Set on the silk route in the days of the Roman Empire. It will stop being seen on the platform on June 29.

Sarah’s notebook: Belén Rueda stars in this adventure of suspense and adventure, where she will look for her missing sister in the Congo jungle. In order to find her, she must put her life at risk and face numerous dangers.

The House of Shadows of the Past: suspense story with touches of terror, about a writer who must finish a novel in just 48 hours. From the year 1984, and starring Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. It will leave Prime Video on June 29.

TheBoy: a young nanny moves from the United States to England to take care of a child. Upon her arrival, the surprises begin, and she discovers that the child in question is a life-size doll. She imposes strict rules on him to take care of him, which she will disobey, and she will quickly see the danger that awaits her.

Philadelphia: a 1993 drama that captivated us all, for its wonderful performances and treatment of a topic like HIV. Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington and Antonio Banderas lead a star cast. It will no longer be available on Amazon Prime Video on June 30.

Robert Morse, 'Mad Men' actor, dies at 90

The late Robert Morse, actor of ‘Mad Men’.

Getty Images

The Warrior’s Gate: a young American, Jack Bronson, suddenly finds himself in ancient China, where he will be involved in the rescue of a beautiful princess. Action adventure, which will no longer be seen on June 29.

Vice: Bruce Willis captains the cast of this futuristic sci-fi thriller. Vice is a company that offers the services of androids, so that humans can make their most sordid and dark fantasies come true. It will leave Prime Video on June 29.

Instant Family: Rose Byrne and Mark Wahlberg take in 3 children, and they must suddenly learn to be parents. From 2018, it has an interesting score of 7.3 on IMDb, and will no longer be available on Amazon Prime Video on June 29.

Lethal Justice: the imposing Scott Adkins stars in this action movie, where he will try to rescue his niece, kidnapped by a very dangerous Mexican cartel. Tension and suspense guaranteed. It will stop being seen on Amazon Prime Video on June 29.

The decision (In the name of love): Gabby and Travis become neighbors and their lifestyles are totally opposite. However, an irresistible attraction will appear between them that will change their lives forever. It will stop being seen on Amazon Prime Video on June 29.

Escape Rooms: six strangers are invited to participate in an intriguing Escape Room, where they must pass tests and go from room to room. They soon discover that the thing is serious, and that what is at stake are their own lives.

The exterminator: story of suspense and terror, where a representative of the Vatican, resorts to a disbelieving doctor to expel a spirit from the body of a child. Film from 2016, which will no longer be available on June 29.

Latest news in Yuba County: Sue catches her husband in bed with another woman, and at the same moment, he dies of a heart attack. She decides to get rid of the body, a decision that will lead to a series of unpredictable situations and moments. With Allison Janney, Mila Kunis and Regina Hall. She will be leaving Prime Video on June 30.

Deadly Vacation: a couple goes camping with their two children to France. There they will meet a couple who will subject them to an extreme psychosis.

You can subscribe to Amazon Prime from here, for only 3.99 euros per month (without permanence), or for 36 euros per year. Also enjoy the free trial period offered by the streaming platform with the best value for money.

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